Difficult conditions for the bus system

Difficult conditions for the bus system

Our winter is harsh. Bad weather makes getting around difficult and is hard on our buses. Extreme weather conditions (cold, freezing rain, snow, thawing, etc.) have caused delays and vehicle breakdowns. We are aware of the issues and inconveniences this has caused. Our teams are doing everything they can to deliver service in these challenging conditions.

Vehicle breakdowns

Currently, we have had to reduce our bus fleet by many vehicles, forcing us to cut service. To reduce impacts, we have done this on lines with frequent service (for example, the 139 Pie-IX and 121 Sauvé/Côte-Vertu lines), across the network, to avoid affecting customers in the same area.


Before you catch your bus, track its arrival in real time by checking its exact position on the map on our website or the mobile version. It is also a good idea to allow extra time for travel.

How do you track your bus in real time? Learn how here by watching the video.


We know that waiting is frustrating and that the situation is problematic, but your driver is not responsible for the situation. Our drivers are working to get you around as best as they can.

Customer service

Numerous customers are experiencing delays on their bus lines, resulting in a large number of calls and emails to customer service. Know that we are aware of the situation. If you still want to leave a comment, please do so by filling out the form in the Contact Us section. We cannot respond to every request, but be assured that we will read all of your comments. 

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