Action plan to offer the bus service promised

Buses in service

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December 10, 2019
There are currently 1,292 buses operational of the 1,425 required at peak periods.

To meet your transportation needs, 1,425 buses are required on the roads at peak periods. You will note that the number of buses currently on the roads is not adequate to offer the planned service. That is why we have to adapt the service every day depending on both the number of buses that are available and customers’ needs by sector.

We will publish the number of vehicles in service on this page every day of the week. We will also keep you informed of developments concerning the action plan that is under way to rectify this situation.

Tools to help you

To help you find out when your bus is going to reach your stop, you can check your bus’s location in real time on the STM website or using the Chrono and Transit apps.

Follow these steps on the mobile site:

  1. Go to Schedules and Maps.
  2. Select Bus, followed by your line and then your stop.
  3. Click on See the route on the map.
  4. You will see your bus route on the map and the position of buses in service.

You can also check if there are other routes available to you in addition to your usual trip.

New Twitter account @stm_bus

Talk to us on our new Twitter account @stm_bus

Causes and action plan

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To compensate for the heavy maintenance workload, we are implementing a new action.

Action plan
Date                 Causes for shortage of buses Solutions to come
December 3
REM mitigation measures
Leasing of 50 coach buses to provide enough vehicles to ensure the planned service as of January 6, when the REM mitigation measures will be implemented.
December 2
Heavy maintenance workload
Call on subcontractors to perform maintenance on a certain number of buses.
November 27
Loss of 20% of our maintenance capacity since January 2019
Reopening of the Saint-Denis bus garage in January and completion of the expansion work at the three other bus garages in 2020 and 2021
November 27
Recruitment of maintenance employees
Training of 80 new mechanics under way; as of February, these employees will work on evening and weekend shifts to ensure a longer maintenance window
Novenber 27
New procurement system for parts implemented since October 21, 2019
Employees’ familiarization with a newly implemented planning and procurement system for parts
November 27
Manufacturer’s recalls
Transfer of 50,000 work hours to Nova Bus to perform the recommended work to ensure increased bus reliability in the medium to long term

More buses soon

It is also worth noting that 300 new hybrid and electric buses will soon be arriving, which will boost our bus fleet by 15% – a first. We will start receiving and commissioning these new buses in December.

The driver is your ally

Remember that the driver is not to blame for the situation, so let’s remain polite as to ride together and make it better.

24 hours in the bus universe

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See The bus universe: maintenance on YouTube

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