Network improvements in 2019


The STM has a clear vision: excellence in mobility. We have put you at the centre of our priorities, with improvements to service and to your customer experience. Here’s how.


  • A new record in the offer of métro service thanks to a 2.2% increase compared to last year
  • From March 2019, the STM will provide a maximum off-peak service frequency  of 5 minutes during the week on the Orange and Green lines and reduce the intervals between morning peak-period trains on the same lines.  
  • The total offer of métro service will be 90.1 million kilometres, up 1.9 million kilometres.


  • A 1.6% increase in the offer of bus service.
  • The bus service is enhanced in certain targeted sectors, and travel time is increased by  83,000 hours of extra service, bringing the total number of service hours to 5.3 million.


  • 244,000 extra trips to reach a total of 4.4 million trips, a 5.9% increase compared to the 2018 Budget.

Other customer experience improvement measures

  • Delivery of 125 air-conditioned hybrid buses in 2019 to replace buses at the end of their service life
  • Elevators operational in Jean-Drapeau and Jean-Talon (Blue line) stations
  • Installation of 264 bus shelters, bringing the total of new bus shelters to 1,595 (including 120 digital ones)
  • Continued roll-out of the mobile telephone network, with nine newly connected stations on the Green line (eastwards), bringing the total number of connected stations to 59.

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