Federal tax credit

Transit passes : savings in the form of a tax refund

This program ended on July 1st, 2017

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Do you buy your transit passes on a monthly or annual basis? Hold on to your receipts!

When filling out your federal income tax form, you can use these receipts to claim a non-refundable tax credit on the cost of buying monthly transit passes.

Since 2007, the federal government has been offering a non-refundable tax credit on monthly public transit fares.

You do not need to enclose your documents with your tax return, but you must keep your proof of purchase in case the Canada Revenue Agency asks for it. We strongly recommend that you photocopy your receipts, as some vending machines use a heat-sensitive ink that may fade over time, making them illegible.

Hold on to your receipts

OPUS à l'année and OPUS & Cie
Are you a member of one of our loyalty programs? Retreive and print your receipts by logging on to your account at https://stm.telmatik.com/Pages/Login.aspx

Monthly passes
Keep your receipts when buying your monthly pass (regular or reduced fare). It can only be printed once, at time of purchase, and is impossible to recover at a later date.

OPUS en ligne
Do you have an OPUS card reader? For each completed transaction, a receipt will be emailed to you. Print it and keep it safe.

Learn more about this tax credit

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