Acquisition d'une propriété

Get six months of free public transit with OPUS à l’année and Ville de Montréal

How to benefit from this promotion :

  • First, you must obtain a subsidy through the city of Montréal’s home ownership program, Acquisition d'une propriété.
  • Once you receive your subsidy, you will get an email with a promotional code1 that you then use to sign up for OPUS à l'année
  • Fill out the subscription form for OPUS à l’année and enter your promotional code. The first six (6) months of the subscription will be paid by automatic monthly debits on your account, and the next six (6) months are on us. This way, you get to save over $400 on your annual public transportation costs.
  1. This code is valid for only one subscription and can only be used by one of the cardholders registered with the program. We recommend that the card user be the beneficiary of the Acquisition d'une propriété  program. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

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