Tips for your OPUS card

You use it on a daily basis, so learn how to care for it! Here are few good habits to make your own with regards to your OPUS card.

Check its expiry date

Your OPUS card without photo expires after four years. Don’t let time run out on you! To learn when your card expires and how to replace it, go to Be advised that issuing a new card is subject to a $6 fee.

For OPUS cards with a photo, validity period appears on back of card. Read more about card fees.

Register your card and recoup your fares

Protect your remaining fares in the event your card is lost or stolen by filling out the online form or go directly to the customer service centre or to a service point.

Save time when buying your fares

Subscribe to OPUS à l’année and receive your OPUS card at home, pre-loaded with monthly fares. Each month, you paid for it through bank debit or credit card, until such time as you terminate your subscription.

The OPUS & Cie program is for companies that wish to encourage public transit use among their employees. It applies to full fare, annual subscriptions (12 monthly passes), valid on island of Montréal.

With an OPUS card reader, you can buy your transit fares 24 hours a day, seven days a week, right from home. Say goodbye to line-ups!

Avoid waiting in line and buy your monthly pass as of the 20th for the next month.

Keep your receipt for purchased fares

Retrieve and print your receipts for 2017 by logging on to your account.

Keep your receipt when you purchase a monthly pass, either full fare or reduced fare. It can only be printed once, at the time of purchase. After, you can no longer retrieve it.

For each completed transaction, you get your receipt by email. Print it out and file it away safely!

Keep your card in a plastic case

To ensure your card works optimally when being validated in the bus or métro, it is important it should stay in good condition. Keep it in a rigid plastic case, not in a wallet where, over time, it can wear out or be damaged.

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