Digital transit shelters

Quebecor Media's digital shelters use the latest technologies, including a gesture recognition camera that detects your presence, giving you access to practical information to make your public transit experience easier and more pleasant. The digital shelters are also easily identifiable, as they feature a display screen with alternating ads. 

Information available from transit shelters

The digital shelters allow you

  • to consult bus timetables
  • to view a detailed map of STM's bus and métro system
  • to pinpoint your location in the city

In addition, you can catch the latest news and daily weather forecasts.

How do they work?

  1. Stand about one metre from the screen - no need to touch the screen to activate it. A pictogram in the lower right-hand corner shows you whether you are positioned correctly or not.
  2. Extend your arm in front of you. From where you are standing, move the cursor by pointing at either the pictogram or button of your choice, according to the information you want. By selecting the « STM Schedules » pictogram, the next bus arrival times at your stop, for all bus lines serving it, will be displayed at the top of the screen. With the « STM Map » button, you can view transit system services available in the area where you are located.

Where are these shelters?

Want to try them out? Below is a list of all intersections where digital transit shelters are located.

Atwater / Maisonneuve
Atwater / Sherbrooke
Berri  / Maisonneuve
Berri  / René-Lévesque
Bleury  / de Maisonneuve
Christophe-Colomb / Crémazie
Côte-des-Neiges  / Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Côte-des-Neiges  / Van-Horne
Côte-des-Neiges / Jean-Brillant
Côte-des-Neiges / Ridgewood
Côte-Sainte-Catherine / Chemin Hudson
Côte-Vertu  / Marcel Laurin
De l’Acadie / Louvain
De l’Acadie / Sauvé
De Maisonneuve  / Bleury
De Maisonneuve  / Mansfield
De Maisonneuve  / Peel
De Maisonneuve / Robert-Bourassa
Des Pins / University
Dorion  / Sainte-Catherine
Frontenac  / Ontario
Henri-Bourassa / Bois-de-Boulogne
Hochelaga  / Moreau
Jarry / Christophe-Colomb
Jarry / Saint-Laurent
Jean-Talon  / de Chateaubriand
Jean-Talon / Bloomfield
Jean-Talon / Clark
Jean-Talon / Saint-Denis
Metcalfe  / René-Lévesque
Monkland / Girouard
Ontario  / Amherst
Papineau  / la Fontaine
Papineau / Jean-Talon
Parc / Beaumont
Peel  / Saint-Jacques
Peel / Notre-Dame
Pie -IX  / Fleury
Pie-IX  / Ontario
Pie-IX  / Pierre-De-Coubertin
Pie-IX  / Sherbrooke
Pie-Ix / Jean-Talon
Queen Mary / Côte-des-Neiges
René-Lévesque  / Amherst
René-Lévesque  / Levert
René-Lévesque  / Peel
René-Lévesque  / Robert-Bourassa
René-Lévesque  / Saint-Denis
René-Lévesque  / Saint-Laurent
René-Lévesque  / Stanley
Robert-Bourassa  / Saint-Jacques
Rosemont / Saint-Vallier
Saint Michel  / Saint-Joseph
Saint-Denis / Rosemont
Saint-Hubert / Crémazie (Nord)
Saint-Hubert / Legendre
Saint-Laurent  / Faillon
Saint-Laurent / de Maisonneuve
Saint-Michel / Jarry
Saint-Urbain  / René-Lévesque
Sauvé / Berri
Sherbrooke  / des Groseilliers
Sherbrooke  / Langelier
Sherbrooke  / Mansfield
Sherbrooke  / Trianon, Du
Sherbrooke / Cavendish
Sherbrooke / de Lorimier
Sherbrooke / Peel
Sherbrooke / Vendôme
Union  / de Maisonneuve
Union  / Sainte-Catherine
Van-Horne / Darlington
Van-Horne / Victoria
Villeray / Christophe-Colomb

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