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Learn more about the improvements to bus and métro service that make it easier for you to travel to downtown Montréal.

More bus service for better access to the métro

Did you notice? He now have more than 175 additional bus departures, during weekday rush hour, for improved access to the métro system:


Stops at Angrignon, Jolicoeur, De l’Église, Vendôme stations


Stops at Snowdon, Université-de-Montréal, Édouard-Montpetit, Laurier stations


 Stops at LaSalle and De l’Église stations

 71-Du Centre

Stops at Charlevoix, LaSalle and Lionel-Groulx


 Stops at Villa-Maria station


 Stops at Vendôme station


 Stops at Bonaventure station


 Stops at Jolicoeur station


 Stops at Angrignon station


 Stops at McGill station

 406-Express Newman

 Stops at Angrignon station

 411-Express Lionel-Groulx

 Stops at Lionel-Groulx station

 491-Express Lachine

 Stops at Lionel-Groulx station

 495-Express Lachine/Lasalle

 Stops at Angrignon station

 496-Express Victoria

 Stops at Lionel-Groulx station

Texte important

Plan your route with the help of our trip calculator on the home page of our website.

Downtown in 20 minutes? Yes, it’s possible!

How long would you need to travel to downtown, say all the way to Bonaventure station? The following are a few examples that should convince you to try the métro!

From Du Collège station: 18 minutes
From Namur station: 16 minutes – incentive parking lot 
From Vendôme station: 7 minutes

From Angrignon station: 20 minutes - parking lot with 733 spaces
From Jolicoeur station: 16 minutes
From LaSalle station: 12 minutes
From Charlevoix station: 10 minutes

An additional train is running on the Green line to serve you better.

  New bus stops at Du Canal train station

We serve the new Du Canal station along the Candiac commuter train line :

90 – Saint-Jacques ( East / West timetables)

191 – Broadway/Provost ( East / West timetables)

195 – Sherbrooke/Notre-Dame ( East / West timetables)

356 – Lachine / Montréal-Trudeau / Des Sources (links to East / West timetables)

Bus arrival times are approximate.  

Check train schedule

Mobility Montréal

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Tips and advice

The bus and métro are new to you? Here are a few tips and advice to quickly learn about our public transit system:


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