Tips for travelling smart

Tips for travelling smart

Keep your distance on the bus

Bus occupancy level

Check your bus’s real-time occupancy level. This new feature is available on our mobile site, our website and on the Chrono and Transit apps.

Learn more on bus occupancy level


Keep your distance on the métro

Métro occupancy level

You can also check the occupancy levels of our Azur trains on the Orange line. Just look up!  They’re shown on the Métrovision screens at Orange line stations.

Learn more on métro occupancy level


Pay faster than ever

debit and credit payment terminal

You can now pay by card at all métro station fare booths for fast, contactless transactions.


Put your mind at ease

OPUS card

Register your OPUS card, and if it’s ever lost or stolen, you’ll be able to get your balance back.

Learn more about registering your OPUS card.

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