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The application bearing our logo is discontinued. Which option will you choose to stay informed while you are on the move?

New ! Mobile apps in real time

Should you walk or run to your bus stop? Make smart decisions while you’re on the move thanks to bus schedules in real time available with mobile apps.

For now, bus schedules in real time are offered by Transit, although real-time is still in beta. In winter 2018, another app, Chrono, will join the beta. And later in 2018 once the beta testing period is over, the entire community of app developers will have access to the real time data.

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Working with all the developers

Soon, the app bearing our name and colours will no longer be available. But it's ok, there are so many transit apps already using our open data!

App developers already work with our open data, that is why there are so many transit apps in Montréal! These great developers will continue to create reliable apps that perform well and are capable of quickly responding to your evolving mobility needs. For now, we work with only two during the beta testing period but later in 2018, they will all have access to our real time data.

So the decision is yours, choose your app! To help you find the one that best fits your needs, we've gathered all the transit apps using our open data in this gallery.

Mobile site

The mobile site provides the same information as the classic site but is adapted to the majority of mobile devices. There's no need to install your iPhone or Android app to access it.

m.stm.infoNew! Visit our beta mobile site to access real-time bus schedule


Receive bus schedules by text message 1

Dial 52786 (LASTM), then enter your bus line number and bus stop code in the message box (separate the bus line number from the bus stop code with a space).

For example:

You’re at a bus stop at the corner of boulevard René-Lévesque and Beaver Hall (bus stop code 52627) and you want to know at what times the next eastbound 435 Express du Parc/Côte-des-Neiges buses will arrive.

  • Enter call sign 52786 (LASTM).
  • In your message, enter the bus line number (435) followed by the bus stop code (52627).
  • The reply SMS will show the arrival times of the next three buses on that line at your stop.

Métro service alerts 1

Receive alerts about métro service disruptions lasting more than 10 minutes by email or SMS text messaging.

You can filter the alerts by selecting the time periods and métro lines of greatest interest to you.

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  1. Your telecommunications service provider may bill you for data transmission over its network: standard messaging fees and other charges may apply. Check with your provider and subscribe to a package, if necessary.
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