Solutions for 300 new buses

Five strategies to accommodate them

In January 2018, the Quebec government and the City of Montréal announced that they would fund the acquisition of 300 hybrid buses. This great news posed a major challenge for us, as we needed to find space to store and maintain the new buses. We created five strategies to overcome this challenge.

Strategy 1: Accelerate the construction of the Bellechasse bus garage

This project is intended to replace the current Saint-Denis bus garage built in 1967. The new bus garage will be innovative, functional and unique as it will be the first underground bus garage in North America. Eventually, it will be equipped to accommodate a fleet of fully electric buses. Learn more about the construction of the Bellechasse bus garage.

Strategy 2: Build a bus garage in the east end of Montréal

A brand new bus garage will be built at the corner of Souligny and Dickson. It will have all the functionalities required to operate and maintain electric buses. Learn more about the bus garage in the east end of Montréal project.

Strategy 3: Expand three existing bus garages

The Anjou, Legendre and Saint-Laurent bus garages will be expanded to provide additional capacity for 160 buses. The expansion work will be carried out without affecting operation and maintenance activities, which is a huge advantage because the impact on customers will be limited. This work is due for completion in 2021. Learn more about the expansions.

Strategy 4: Adapt an industrial building near the Stinson bus garage

This solution involves adapting an industrial building to house 50 regular buses over five years. The buses are maintained at the nearby Stinson bus garage.

Strategy 5: Refurbish the roof of the Saint-Denis bus garage

Refurbishment work on the roof will extend the useful life of this bus garage and allow 180 buses to be temporarily stored here for 12 months. When the work is complete, it will allow the garage to remain operational until the Bellechasse bus garage opens.

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