Transit experience for customers


In 2015, we undertook a strategic shift, focusing on improving the transit experience for customers. To ensure that we live up to that commitment, we closely monitor key performance indicators, as they are a reflection of your public transit experience.

In the past few months, several initiatives were put forward to improve your transit experience. Many of you appreciate our efforts, as revealed by our latest performance indicators, having reached their highest level in five years.


2016 results

88 % overall satisfaction

Operational indicators

Our operational indicators track our performance: these numbers speak to our ability to take you to your destination, all within the framework of our scheduled service.

Delivery of planned service: 99,4 %

This indicator tells you how much service was provided compared to how much was promised

Customers on time: 97,5 %

Qualitative indicators

To round out our overview of the customer experience, we also use mystery customers. These evaluations cover the quality of information needed to carry out a transit trip, as well as how customers are treated by the numerous transit employees they encounter. Here are the results for 2016.


Were you welcomed politely? Eye contact, a greeting or even a smile, these small attentions can make a world of difference to your overall experience with public transit.

The mystery customers give the rate of: 94 %


When you are on the move, do you feel that the information provided at your bus stop, inside our vehicles or even by our staff are available and accurate? Also, when service disruptions are planned, particularly for renovations work or detours, do you feel that the information is clear and available to you at the right time?

The mystery customers give the rate of: 95 %

Read the various data about cordiality and information.


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