Transit experience for customers

Improving transit through tangible actions

In 2015, we undertook a strategic shift, focusing on improving the transit experience for customers. To ensure that we live up to that commitment, we closely monitor key performance indicators, as they are a reflection of your public transit experience.

Some indicators are published annually, while others are available every month. We will be adding others on a regular basis for even greater transparency.

Operational indicators

Our operational indicators track our performance: these numbers speak to our ability to take you to your destination. Delivering service as promised is basic to a positive customer experience.

Below are four key indicators that are tracked regularly and published annually. Here are the numbers for 2018.

Operational indicators - 2018
Métro Bus
Customers on time (reliability): 97.2 %
Punctuality: 79.5 %
Delivery of planned service: 100.4 %
Delivery of planned service: 98.9 %

Métro service disruptions

NEW! Each month, we will present statistics regarding the number of service interruptions and their impact on transit users.

Read more about service disruptions

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