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In 2015, we undertook a strategic shift, focusing on improving the transit experience for customers. To ensure that we live up to that commitment, we closely monitor key performance indicators, as they are a reflection of your public transit experience.

In the past few months, several initiatives were put forward to improve your transit experience. Many of you appreciate our efforts, as revealed by our latest performance indicators, having reached their highest level in five years.

Every day, we work hard to make riding transit more efficient and pleasant for you!


New for the bus network

  • New reserved lane on boulevard Lacordaire
  • Service enhancements  70 Bois-Franc   and 48 Perras
  • Boarding buses via all doors pilot project
    121 Sauvé/Côte-Vertu     -     139 Pie-IX    -     439 Express Pie-IX

New for the métro

  • Significant decrease in the number of service interruptions lasting 5 minutes or more, particularly with regards to incidents involving passenger conduct.
    • Increased presence of staff on train platforms during rush hour
    • A behavioural campaign about holding back doors that shows the impact of such small actions on everyday transit for customers every day
  • Gradual deployment of AZUR métro cars
  • Major investments in infrastructure, with several stations undergoing significant renovations and refurbishment for a more welcoming and accessible transit system.


91% overall satisfaction*

Transit users particularly appreciate:  

  • All the information available to plan a transit ride
  • The range of available transit fares  
  • The various fare purchasing options

Operational indicators

Our operational indicators track our performance: these numbers speak to our ability to take you to your destination, all within the framework of our scheduled service.

On time customers**  97.8% + (target: 97.5%)
Did you reach your destination on time?

Delivery of scheduled service** 99.5%  (target: 99,3%)
Did the bus arrive at the scheduled time?

* Customer satisfaction survey of 1000 transit users conducted from April to June

** Operational indicators

Delivery of planned service. Target: 99.3%. Actual 99.5%

  •  In the first quarter, service delivery reached 99.5% compared with 99% for the same period in 2015.   
  •  This indicator tells you how much service was provided compared to how much was promised (has the scheduled bus gone by?).

Customers on time. Target 97.5%. Actual 97.7%

  • In the first quarter, the number of customers being on time was 97.7% compared to 97.2% for the same period in 2015.   

A fine start

For both the bus and métro, these operational indicators illustrate the best yearly start in the past five years. These significant results can be attributed to:

  • The hiring of drivers (on-going recruitment in 2016);
  • A mild winter made it easier for buses to keep running (better road conditions), with fewer cold-related mechanical problems;
  • A mobile trouble-shooting crew – see video;
  • A reduction in the number of métro service disruptions linked to equipment failures or incidents involving passengers.
  • 30% fewer complaints, a reflection of these positive results.   

Qualitative indicators

To round out our overview of the customer experience, we also use mystery customers. These evaluations cover the quality of information needed to carry out a transit trip, as well as how customers are treated by the numerous transit employees they encounter. Here are the results for 2015. 

Cordiality. Target: 90%. Actual: 94%

Were you welcomed politely? Eye contact, a greeting or even a smile, these small attentions can make a world of difference to your overall experience with public transit.

Information. Target: 90%. Actual: 94 %

When you are on the move, do you feel that the information provided at your bus stop, inside our vehicles or even by our staff are available and accurate? Also, when service disruptions are planned, particularly for renovations work or detours, do you feel that the information is clear and available to you at the right time?

Read the various data about cordiality and information.

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